healthy is all in the head!

So tonight I sit , feeling for once in my life, as if I'm not perfectly healthy. Although I have been plagued throughout  My life with ailments, this is a new sensation for me. I have never felt I'll, unhealthy etc. For my whole life, when doctors ask " are you healthy otherwise" my instinct has always been to answer " yes" I have to think to remember this is not true. I have vestibular migraines and ehlors danlows syndrome type 3. My EDS causes many other symptoms such as joints slipping out of pain, rhumatiod arthritis symptoms, and more. My vestibular migraine's cause daily migraines and dizzy spells, which in turn cause exhaustion and weak limbs. I do not have a day when I don't have pain, or some other symptom usually both. However through this all, I seem to always feel " healthy". My instinct is to say " yup healthy as a horse". Why? I'm not healthy as a horse. I was thinking about this today as I recover from a new-to-me EDS symptom (vertigo), and I've come up with a theory. It's all in your head...that's my theory. How healthy you are is in how you think of things. I don't have cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc so in that respect, I'm healthy. I'm not dying so I must be living. I hope I never lose this perspective as my prospects, physically, aren't bright. I am healthy! Because I'm not dying yet!

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