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So I have posted twice but I realised I have given only a tiny tidbit of who I am. I figure I should probably amend this. I am a 31 year old female. I have multiple medical issues, I have Ehlors danlows type 3, vestibular migraines, scoliosis, and dissasociative amnesia.  I am a mother to 3 kids and a wife to a long haul truck driver. My mother and father are divorced and my mother is remarried. I have two sister, one brother, two step-sisters, and one step-brother. I am not close to any of my step siblings, as it is very uncomfortable. We grew up together, their mom and dad were called aunty and uncle by us and vice versa. So when their parents split and their dad began dating my mom is was awkward because of  the way we had always referred to them in our minds aunty was now dating uncle. It took me a long time to stop calling him uncle. The looks we'd get in a store when they were all cuddly and looking like a couple and I would refer to her as mom then him as uncle certainly helped. My step sisters don't seem as distant as my step brother who has virtually cut me out of his life although he denies this to everyone. I was the only one out of my entire family, not invited to his wedding, to the bridal shower, to the baby shower, to the family get togethers at his house. And by only one I mean my grandparents ( the ones not even related to him technically), my mom and step dad , all my siblings full and step, even a cousin or two were invited, but not me. And my mom still believes his excuse that it's always been just an "oversight" or they just had to cut some invites ( but work aquantences of his were invited). I thought this didn't bother me but I guess it must because here I've gone off rambling about it. Ah well say la vee. There you have it. Me in a nut shell. 

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